Thalia Novella, the Latin starlet with a wit that will leave you in stitches!

I’ve known Thalia Novella (Enrique Rodriguez) for a few years now. They’re a performer who likes to mix things up, including drag, standup comedy, burlesque and event producing.

However, Heat 2 of Altimate Showdown revealed only a few are familiar with this Latin starlet’s comedic side, as Thalia’s wit left the audiences in stitches. Thalia did not hold back during their standup. The comedic savagery they delivered on the mic was nothing short of entertaining. The audience’s applause cemented the fact that Thalia needs to bring this comedic side out more often.

While Thalia didn’t initially make the grand final, they came back on stage for the Showdown Round with an absolutely smashing performance, showcasing her Latin roots, drag and burlesque.

There are few of my favourite shots from her two performances on the night