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Humblet’s ‘Go To Rics’ music video.

Here’s a trip down memory lane. It’s been exactly five years since the release of Humblet’s music video ‘Go To Rics.’

Nick Humblet initially approached me to help with the music video and have a starring role in it due to being the Rics Bar entertainment booker for several years. What can I say? I had become a part of the furniture for Rics Bar during that period in my life.

The band called on the talents of local filmmaker, artist and photographer Will Johnstone. He seemed to be the most suitable choice with his history of working with acts such as The Bennies, Bugs, and many more rising stars in the Australian live music scene.

The plan was to create a music video that would be the perfect accompaniment to the track that, like the song, would capture the essence of what Ric’s Bar has become for so many. Oh, and also have a lot of fun making it!

We decided to kill two birds with one stone by filming the clip the same day as part of the ‘Go To Rics’ single launch during The Backyard Series Vol 2. The callout was made, and this is the finished product.

At the time of the music video’s release, the single was sitting at number 8 on the overall charts of Triple J Unearthed. An impressive accomplishment, considering it was released just over a week before.

It goes without saying a special thanks to everyone involved. That was one memorable day. Call it what you like, but we created a little bit of Brisbane history that day.