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Monkeys have sex on a tourist’s head. No respect for personal boundaries!

One tourist got a surprise feeding monkeys at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, Indonesia, when they decided to treat his head like a dirty motel.

Finally it’s official, I’m Chad St. James!

It may be just a piece of paper in the grand scheme of things, but for me personally it’s so much more than that. I’m finally me. I’m finally Chad St. James

Dear Bill Leak, you should be ashamed for your “Waffen-SSM” cartoon!

Bill Leak you disgust me! Now for those pro plebiscite, ask yourself is this the kind of “respectable debate” we should be wasting taxpayers money on?

Shut the front door! Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are getting divorced? I guess when Brangelina is no more, love is truly dead. I wonder what Jennifer Aniston thinks?

Angela Lansbury sings ‘Beauty and the Beast’ proving 25 years later she’s still got it!

It may have been 25 years since Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was first released, but Angela Lansbury shows she is still the one and only Mrs. Potts!

Jay Z tells us why the war on drugs is an epic fail through a short film

Jay Z uses his name to educate and spread the word about why The War on Drugs is an Epic Fail through a hauntingly animated short film.

Happy Brisbane Pride!

Today was Brisbane Pride and I have to say it was truly beautiful to see so many come out in support and solidarity with the LGBTI community.

Fifty Shades Darker releases its first trailer.

Who’s ready for another load? Fifty Shades sequel Fifty Shades Darker just released its first trailer and is surprisingly lacking in pure unadulterated sex.

12-year-old boy takes on thousands of anti-LGBT protesters in Mexico

This photo of a 12-year-old boy standing up to thousands of anti-gay protestors in Mexico is the inspiration you need to show you can make a difference too!

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Jaded Hospitality: Things You Should Never Say To A Bartender

I don’t care how drunk you are, here some things you should never say to a bartender. Call this part 1.
-Special k

Sex Tales: Thumper with Chlamydia

I have a friend. Let’s call him Thumper. Because he’s young dumb and full of cum and on one occasion he caught Chlamydia.

Tales of an ill-spent youth: I once killed my neighbour’s cat…

Tales of an ill-spent youth: I once killed my neighbour’s cat. Well that’s not completely true…but hear me out…
-Special K

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