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Netflix introduces new download option for internet-free streaming

Rejoice. Netflix is now letting you download content to watch offline. Your toilet break at work just got a whole lot more exciting!

Here’s the ‘Beaches’ remake starring Idina Menzel that we didn’t need.

Because Lifetime thought it would be a great idea to remake the 1988 classic ‘Beaches’, but because it has Idina Menzel is must be good. Right?

Ricky Martin announces his engagement on ‘The Ellen Show’

Someone is definitely shaking his bon bon! Ricky Martin is now officially off the market announcing his engagement to partner Jwan Yosef.

Here’s the first Beauty and the Beast trailer!

Oh the nostalgia! Walt Disney Pictures has dropped the first full trailer for their live-action version retelling of the 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast

This video of a kid taking out the trash sums up life’s daily struggles.

Is the perfect metaphor of life? This video of a kid attempting to take out the trash only to be taken out perfectly sums up life’s daily struggles.

Facebook decided everybody was dead on Friday… well sorta…

While my own personal battle with Facebook continues, Facebook apparently decided everybody was dead including Mark Zuckerberg.

This is the Trainspotting sequel fans have been waiting twenty years for…

It’s time to choose life all over again! Danny Boyle has reunited all the original cast for the Trainspotting sequel we’ve been waiting twenty years for.

Johnny Depp to play Grindelwald in ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’?

Could Johnny Depp be playing Albus Dumbledore’s previous young lover, Grindelwald, in the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find them film series? Let it be so!

Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate change documentary ‘Before The Flood’ is now online

Leonardo Dicaprio teamed up with National Geographic to make a documentary tackling climate change and now it’s available in full to watch online!

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The day I learnt we’re not all the same (an example of family bred racism)

As a child we’re not born with hate, racism, homophobia, prejudice, we only come to know such things through the environment that surrounds us.

Jaded Hospitality: Things You Should Never Say To A Bartender

I don’t care how drunk you are, here some things you should never say to a bartender. Call this part 1.
-Special k

Sex Tales: Thumper with Chlamydia

I have a friend. Let’s call him Thumper. Because he’s young dumb and full of cum and on one occasion he caught Chlamydia.

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