Yay my SnailTrail tights arrived today!!!

Today I was quite excited to receive a package in the post today, and with great excitement I discovered inside my new pair of tights courtesy of SnailTrail. As some of you maybe aware, previously I struggled with picking a pair that I had won in a competition and after a post on facebook that erupted into one of the biggest debates on my wall of all time I was still left with a question mark floating over my head.

Well the good news is, Rob @ SnailTraildecided for me and after trying them on this arvo it scares me to say this but my god they are comfy. So now I’m just waiting for the right occasion to wear these out. Hopefully this weekend during my birthday celebrations perhaps.

Anyways take it from someone who would have probably never invested in a pair before, they’re seriously worth looking into so be sure to check out their websiteand plus they have a shiz load of other cool gear there too.

Anyways much love to SnailTrail can’t wait to hit the town in them.

A gay exorcism didn't deliver me.
Naughty little party monsters!!!

Author: Chad St James

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  1. ummmmmm love them. i wanna se them at barsoma for pride.


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