We’re all a little lost until we open our eyes.

Now I’m sure all over the world millions of people are discussing the season finale of ‘Lost’ Some are disappointed while some are actually really satisfied with the series resolution. I am off the latter. I found it to be heavily satisfying and profound on many levels. For me though it has got me thinking well beyond the mysteries of the island it got me thinking about life. Had they never been forced to confront each other’s humanity on the island, they would have seem to have continued walking through their lives, going through the motions as if living a one-dimensional life  that even if they bumped into each other they would have never really known each other let alone themselves.

It was once they remembered the shared experiences of the island that they came to life and discovered  the real love, relationships and true human bonding that only happened because they were forced to confront one another as strangers on the island.

As Jack’s father told him at the church where they all meet in one of the final scenes, “this is the place you all made together so you could find one another.”

Going on to say  “The most important part of your life was the time you spent with these people. That’s why you’re here. Nobody does it alone, Jack.”

I see the island as a metaphor for life. It is so easy to walk through life ‘ Lost’ going through the motions until some event takes place that opens your eyes. When you think about it, life is ultimately about people, relationships, discovering the humanity not only within ourselves but also in others through the sharing of experiences that life brings us. I find myself thinking about the people my best mates Webley and Emsley and what the three of us have gone through. I recall the people I’ve met in the past and the experiences I’ve shared with them, even people I have met recently such as Mr Serendipity and the inspiration and eye openers that he has provided. All these people have had an effect in some form that in many ways have help me to better understand myself and people in general.

When I think about all this I realise all this is only possible because of one thing, and that is my choice to have my eyes open to life.

Wise words from Bob Marley
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Author: Chad St James

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  1. Lost ended up being such a wonderful tv show, little else on television even comes close.

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