Watching Disney makes you a nicer person!

Feeling a bit mean today? Watch a Disney film. It’s been proven to make you a nicer person.

A study has found that watching Disney films can actually contribute to making you a nicer human being. In short, you’ve got even more of an excuse to binge watch your favourite Disney programs all over again.

According to the study published in the Journal of Communication by a team from the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University, watching Disney‘strongly promotes pro-social behaviour’.

The team studies 61 animated films that had been produced by 2011. Throughout the 5,128 minutes of film analysed, a total of 5,530 pro-social acts were found, amounting to an average on act for every minute of film assessed.

Aside from watching Disney, it’s been suggested that also reading Harry Potter could also make you a better person, with researchers concluding that reading Harry Potter had a positive impact on people and their perceptions of others.

Totally winning at life right now.

So it seems the overload of positive behaviour witnessed is believed to contribute to a person being nicer.

Who’s keen for a Disney movie night? You know, for the greater good of mankind and all.

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Author: Chad St James

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