This video of a kid taking out the trash sums up life’s daily struggles.


Some days no matter how hard you try, it just feels like life is giving you one big massive slap to the face. Take this kid for instance. Taking out the trash is most likely one of his weekly chores, in addition to probably washing the dishes on a daily basis  and whatever else his parents might be too lazy to do. Or perhaps in their own twisted rhetoric  they’re just teaching him important life lessons.

The poor kid probably had a lousy day at school. Sophie probably doesn’t want to go steady with him, the school bully stole his lunch money and he probably failed his algebra test. He comes home feeling utterly defeated and his mother tells him to go take out the trash. Obviously the wind had other plans.

Just look at the way he struggles against the onslaught of the wind. He tries and tries only to get the crap smashed out of him by the bin.  Seriously, is the perfect metaphor of life?

It truly is a cruel world.

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Author: Chad St James

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