Vicious Cycles.

Sometimes we’re faced with an endless circle that just keeps us spinning round and round. Sooner or later you have to break the cycle. Sometimes it hurts, but sometimes it is better to feel the pain now then later down the track.

Regarding a recent situation, I’ve done all I can, it takes two to make somethings work, and it is quite clear that the other person is not ready.

I made the mistake of putting my life on hold, I chose not to meet up with an ex in fear that it might risk the potential of something new with somebody else, also i was recently asked on a date by someone else and I said no to that.  Now I find myself wondering if I made the right decision. It has become pretty evident this other person really has no intention of taking things further except for at times telling me what I want to hear, that in actuality is just keeping me at a stand still. I might be wrong in feeling this but it seems kinda selfish.

I guess it is time to break the cycle. Sometimes you have to love something enough to let it go. I’ve done it before and well I guess I’m doing it again. The fact is there is nothing else I can do, the ball is kind of in their court now. If it is meant to be, it will be and if not such is life.

Why do I feel like shit?

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Author: Chad St James

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