UQ students protest the tampon tax with the ultimate Macklemore “Thrift Shop” parody.

tampon tax DRIP SHOP - Thrift Shop [PARODY] | Macklemore x UQ Law Revue

Last year, Sydney University student Subeta Vimalaraja went head-to-head with the then-treasurer Joe Hockey on national television successfully pressuring him to take action on the tampon tax.  This came after a rather successful petition run by Vimalarajah, titled ‘Don’t Tax My Period’ that currently has over 100,000 signatures, asked the government to axe the GST on sanitary items.

However, since then, the issue has fallen completely off the radar. Hockey’s promised that he’d “raise it with the state” amounted to nothing. Since then further protests were ignored and this year, Labor leader Bill Shorten went back on his word saying he likely couldn’t do anything about it either. Our politicians seem to be really good at passing the buck, don’t you think?

Now a group of University of Queensland students are pushing the issue again releasing a parody of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” for their annual UQ Law Revue, and it’s bloody hilarious. Titled “Drip Shop”, it features two men dressed as giant tempos drinking blood from soppy cups, and a bunch of angry woman dancing through the isle of their local supermarket with hilarious results.

Yes, Australians rapping can be hilarious at the best of times, this is an issue that really needs to get sorted.

Now can someone make a remix of this and play it at the clubs? That would be sick!

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Author: Chad St James

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