United We Dance: When Love Takes Over.

I believe activism comes in many different forms, and one of those forms that I feel quite passionate about is art-activism.

About three weeks ago I had the privilege of joining forces with my good friend Frances Worster aka Frankie Vandellous in helping organise  ’When Love Takes Over’ a flash mob for equal rights.

Rehearsing the choreography to the music of ‘When Love Takes Over’ David Guetta feat Kelly Rowland for about an hour, a small group of us who believed all citizens should be treated equal under governmental law took to Brisbane Square for our very first little flash mob. Each of us had our own hand-written slogans on white t-shirts, that brought awareness to the occupational injustices faced by LGBTI individuals on a regular basis, including apartheid, marginalisation, and alienation.

Check out the video below.

Kelly Rowland even saw the video tweeting that she loved it. I won’t lie, I thought that was pretty damn cool!

Well since then, both Frances and I have created United We Dance.

And this is our mandate:

To advocate for LGBTI Equality, using innovative and creative methods that facilitate collaboration between artists and “non-artists”, and encourage engagement with the wider community. 

To raise awareness regarding issues that affect the rights, health, and wellbeing of the LGBTI community, and to draw attention to the injustices that entrench occupational alienation, occupational apartheid, and occupational marginalization. 

To foster an environment of positivity, empathy, accountability, and integrity.

To support partnerships with individuals, programs, organisations, politicians, communities, leaders, and innovators invested in LGBTI equality.

To facilitate change by encouraging the implementation of laws and policies that support LGBTI equality as well as social change to drive these legal frameworks.

When we come together to collaborate and make something positive in the midst of turmoil, we become a stronger community. When we engage with and educate others about the issues, we unite and strengthen the wider community and become important players in evolving our society.

The person is political. Every day.

We are planning our next flash mob for the 24th of November to help promote the next Equal Love rally for Marriage Equality on the 25th of November

We’re keen to make our next one bigger and better, so if you’re interested check out the event by clickingHERE or become a fan of the United We Dance facebook page to get regular updates. We’ve got some pretty exciting things planned for the near future and we plan to have a lot of fun in the process.

Taking fear to new heights.
Sometimes I just long for an escape...

Author: Chad St James

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