Turning thirty, Lady GaGa and the week that was…

It’s been exactly a week since I’ve turned thirty and I can proudly say I survived what has to be one of the most action packed weeks of my life. So where do I start?

Well lets begin with the 30th celebrations shall we? Trashy would have to be an understatement lol. Put it this way, I fully know what dirty thirties  now means lol.

I had a few close mates around for drinks and nom noms that ended with the house looking like something out of an episode of  Skins, then we headed to my favourite party place Fluffy for GLAM. However one mate was too trashed they wouldn’t even let him through the doors.The guys at The Family Night Club had treated me with the royal box. A cool balcony booth that hung over the stage where we got to watch Lucianna perform. God that girl knows how to get a club rock’n. Lots of drinking and making out (hey I was the birthday boy, it was only expected I should get at least some action).

The night was cut short a little early when an ex-workmate got a few of us kicked out due to him being a drunken emotional mess. Needless to say I wasn’t too impressed considering I was feeling high as a kite lol. Hey I was sharing the bed with my mate and for some reason I thought I was in an Asian tea room. Go figure!The following day flew by in a blur of nothingness. I strongly suggest NOT watching Martin Scorsese‘s Hugo when you’re under the influence, it’s a complete head fuck.

This following gif explains everything…

The following days were taken up with college and work. Thursday however will have to be one of the greatest days/nights of my life. After waiting for what feels like months, it was time to go see Lady GaGa’s Born This Way Ball at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

The day started with getting ready at 4am, then catching the first train, arriving at 6am to lineup up for the chance to score spot in The Monster Pit. 13 hours later, I was ecstatic that both my best friend and Emsley had not only got into the Monster Pit but we were second row centre stage. The Born This Way Ball was by far the best concert I have ever attended in my entire life. You can read my review of it on THEQIT.com. Think of a massive rock opera musical and even then that’s not doing it justice.

At one point she reached out and touched my hand, needless to say when I got home I was faced with a dilemma. Do I shower and get the makeup off? or do I wait, acknowledge the fact that I have Lady GaGa‘s DNA on my hand go masturbate, and then I can say Lady GaGa jacked me off. I’m always one for funny stories, so I chose the latter. Lol

After the concert a few of us decided to stalk the the hotel with the hopes of meeting her. She drove right past and didn’t come out to greet us which was kinda disappointing. But hey my hand was touched by one of the biggest icons of our time, so that’s still something right? The last few days have just been pretty tied up with work and study. Damn assignments.

Today well actually yesterday I woke up early to stalk Lady GaGa’s hotel one final time since she was flying out of Brisbane today. There was about twenty of us, but dear mother monster didn’t come out and say good be, instead we saw her just drive away leaving twenty unhappy little monsters behind.

Now don’t get me wrong, I adore GaGa, but for someone who constantly says she does it all for her fans, you would think she could have at least come out one final time for her Brisbane fans. Well whatever I still love the crazy bitch and everything she stands for. The Born This Way Ball was definitely the best concert I have ever been to, and I’ve attended a lot. My only disappointment was not getting tickets to see it again.

So there we have it. That’s the week that was. I used to fear turning thirty, but if this past week is anything to go by, my thirties will be just as good as my twenties, if not even better!

Some days getting out of bed feels like such a struggle.
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Author: Chad St James

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