Battle Royale: Giant Panda vs. Snowman

When you think Pandas, you think they’re all cute and cuddly and stuff. Today I’m going to shatter those misconceptions. Pandas are savage af! Take Da Mao for instance. He’s a brutal killer! The panda in mention is a resident of The Toronto Zoo. His keepers thought it would be fun to build him a snowy friend to keep him company throughout the winter months.

The description of the video states that they built the snowy companion for Da Mao’s “enrichment.” Well, you know what Da Mao finds enriching? Absolute terror and destruction! It took Da Mao only minutes to take his new snowy friend down.

Okay, so it wasn’t intentional. Da Mao just exploring and well Snowmen are’t really made to have their heads sat on and clawed at by giant pandas. But seriously, how freakin’ cute!

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Author: Chad St James

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