Too bad gays can’t.

Yes just another thing homosexuals can’t do. My friend was actually surprised the other day when she found out homosexuals can’t give blood.

Personally I like my blood in my body, but say if there was an emergency and a friend needed my blood type it kinda sucks I wouldn’t be able to help.

The Ex and awkward stares.
A lesson in self preservation

Author: Chad St James

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  1. Are u kidding me? They test peoples blood before hand anyways, that’s abit fucked… Is that for real??

  2. Yeah they believe we are high risk and also the fact HIV can lay dormant for six months. Yeah it is a bit of a joke if u ask me.

    But it is just the way it is at the moment.

  3. Ok my sister is doing medicine and they actually do a lot of ethics classes on the topics like this and abortion etc.

    Gays CAN give blood, they just have to abstain from sex for I think it might be 12 months.

    They test the blood, not just “gay” blood, for pathogens. Imagine if they gave the infusion to a child with leukaemia and that child died from Hep C or HIV the homophobia incited would be immense and possibly life-threatening for many homosexual people.

    It’s easier for pathogens to get into the bloodstream through the anus than the vagina – because the colon was designed to absorb everything from our food and leave the waste.

    Instead of fighting for the right to give blood, fight for the right of equal treatment to heterosexuals (of whom, how many would say they get sexual health check ups regularly!). Then you’ll have everyone on our side.

  4. I’m not really fighting for the right to give blood it was merely just a thought I had walking home this morning. But I do agree with where u are coming from I’ve lost count of how many heterosexuals have forgotten the last time it was since they had a check up

  5. bit sad really…i give blood on a regular basis. am absolutely shocked that sexuality would have anything to do with it…. dissapointed is the only word that comes to mind..

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