Tony Abbott’s daughter supports the ‘Yes’ vote!

With the topic of marriage equality constantly in the headlines due to the unneeded postal survey. The lines between who and who is not on the right side of history has become clearer with each passing day.

Prime example, Tony Abbott. Yes, despite being one of the most vocal anti-same-sex marriage campaigners in the country, the same can’t be said for the rest of his family.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that his own daughter Frances is the latest step over the line and vocalise her support for the ‘Yes’ vote.

It was expected that the former Prime Minister would be at odds with his same-sex partnered sister Christine on the topic of marriage equality. However, to have his daughter also come out in support of the ‘Yes’ vote… well I guess Abbott really has to start questioning his outdated views.

Wearing a simple “vote yes” t-shirt and accompanied with a lot of pro-equality hashtags, Frances posted to her fitness themed Instagram account with the following statement:

“I don’t really care much for politics. But I do really care a lot for love. All love is good. Let’s celebrate it. #voteyes”

Kudos to you Frances for backing up what this whole survey is about. It’s about love. It’s about two consenting adults being able to marry and have the same rights as everybody else under secular law! Pretty damn simple really.

Poor Abbott, it must be starting to feel like he invited everyone to a party and no one came.

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Author: Chad St James

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