Tom Cruise reveals the ‘Top Gun’ sequel title and it’s not ‘Top Gun 2’

Personally, I’m a little over Tom Cruise. I think he’s paid way too much money for what he delivers. But people still watch his films anyway. As it turns out the sequel to the 1980’s hit Top Gun will actually be titled, Top Gun: Maverick.  Well, that’s what Maverick himself had to say during an Access Hollywood junket interview for The Mummy.

Check it out below:

While he’s not revealing any information regarding potential returning cast members, I do like how he seems to be insisting that the tone of the original will be back for this three-decade-late sequel. The original Top Gun came out during a period when action movies were taking themselves rather seriously, I’m curious to see if they can capture that today or simply result in an uber cheese fest.

However, someone might want to tell Val Kilmer to start working out or at least give him Mark Hamill’s trainer.  Because it wouldn’t be a Top Gun sequel without Iceman!

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Author: Chad St James

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