There’s a petition to create a Netflix show starring Thor and Darryl. Are we surprised?

Thor and Darryl Chris Hemsworth Marvel Petition

Now this is a petition I can get behind! Comic-Con gave us all kinds of laughs this year with their hilarious short, that showed what Chris Hemsworth’s Thor had been up to during the events of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. The result was a hilarious clip showing Thor in everyday life trying to keep preoccupied; while the rest of his team were either fighting for Team Cap or Team Stark. Thor found a friend and housemate in the form of Darryl.

The premise of an Asgardian god of Thunder rooming with an average-every-day-office-working human, has hilarity written all over it. As you can see from the original video below, it’s got all the makings of a great sitcom or mockumentary series.

See what I mean? It’s pure gold. Obviously I’m not the only person that feels that way.  It comes as no surprised that someone called Ty Schmidt took it upon themselves to start a petition for the creation of a Netflix show inspired by the short. Hell I’m even going to add my name. I would love to see a show about Thor and Darryl. It really would be an instant hit!

Come on Chris Hemsworth, you looked like you had a blast, make it happen!

You can keep to date with the process of the petition by clicking HERE!



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Author: Chad St James

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