There are so many words that have gone unspoken


There are so many words that have gone unspoken.
Since the first time I met you, I’ve felt compelled to know you more and more.
I long to be lost gazing into your dark eyes of beauty and depth, hoping to get a glimpse of the soul within, to understand what thoughts race through your head, and to know what you feel.
I want to feel the secure embrace of your arms around me as we fall deep into the realm of sleep.
I long to share your gaze as you look towards the sky and ponder the many wonders of life and partake in mutual clarity.
I cherish the friendship, even though I want the words “I like you” to leave my lips.
Sometimes words such as these are best left unspoken.

A collage of thoughts
Life is like a gecko on the windscreen of a car....

Author: Chad St James

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