The positive inspiration of Campbell Newman…

Campbell Newman putting the “N” into “Cuts”

During my endless attempt at procrastinating on doing my assignment, I created a meme today. It now seems to be popping up all over Facebook. Perhaps it’s going to go viral and perhaps not. However there is one positive thing that Campbell Newman has done, he inspires me to make memes.

Oh dear I’m procrastinating again. FML!

Sometimes I just long for an escape...
Sometimes I wish I was a robot!

Author: Chad St James

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  1. Facebook friends we are even though we only met the once. But your voice is real and loud and I do believe you will change the world! Thankyou for it xxxx you speak for many and it is appreciated

  2. oh thank you for the encouraging words. I’m really just me, who also happens to have a really big mouth lol

  3. you need a huge mouth if you have a lot to say

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