The first trailer for ‘The Mist’ TV series expands on Stephen King’s classic story!

It’s been ten years since Frank Darabont brought Stephen King’s The Mist to the big screen? I’m seriously getting old. Well now we’re getting another adaptation of the 1980 novella in the form of a 10-episode TV series thanks to Spike Tv.

“I wanted to be respectful to the source material, but my feeling was there was already a great adaptation out there by Frank Darabont,” show creator Christian Torpe tells Entertainment Weekly. “The novella is 200 pages and one location, and we needed to change that to make an ongoing series. But we wanted to remain faithful to the heart of the story.”

Spike’s The Mist tells the story of a small town family that is torn apart by a brutal crime. As the find themselves dealing with the fallout an eerie mist rolls in, cutting the town off from not only the rest of the world, but in some cases, each other. In typical King fashion, unlikely alliances are made as the towns people battle the mysterious mist and the threats that come with it, all while fighting to maintain their own morality and sanity as the rules of society begin to break down.

It looks like the biggest change the writers have made to the source material is the grocery store, where in the original the residents of the small town take shelter from the beasts outside. Now instead we’ve got several locations where the townsfolk seek safety including a church and a mall.

The fact that it also stars Frances Conroy, is just one of the reasons I’ll be tuning in. Love that woman!

The Mist premieres on Spike, Thursday 22nd of June.

Will you be watching it?

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Author: Chad St James

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