The Little Rooster is the perfect alarm clock for heavy sleeping vaginas.

The Little Rooster Vagina alarm clock

Do you struggle to wake up in the morning? Hoping to get up with a BANG!? The Little Rooster, is a sex that’s not only is it a vibrator, it’s also an alarm clock for your vagina. The Little Rooster has 27 ultra-quiet levels of intensity plus an extra three more monster-loud ¬†ones for those deeps sleeping vaginas out there.

The Little Rooster vagina alarm clock

The user wears it inside their underwear where a vibrating leg stimulates their clitoris and labia. The Little Rooster starts its sexy vibrations five minutes before the user has actually get their lazy vag out of bed, and the best thing is it’s pretty affordable pricing at under $100.

While The Little Rooster is a cool idea, I personally think you’d be better off waking up with the real thing. However, you do come with the issue of how do you consent to a penis in your vagina while you’re asleep?

Ladies, would you use it?



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Author: Chad St James

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