The Ex and awkward stares.

So bumping into an ex can sometimes be an enjoyable experience and at other times an awkward experience. For instance this past Sunday I was out as Fluffys (very rarely does a Sunday go by that I’m not there.) So anyways for confidentiality sake lets call him Boom Boy. We broke up nearly two years ago, now I’m not going to go into the details of the break up, but it wasn’t really a nice one, things were said on boths sides that shouldn’t have been said and adding the addition that he had gotten a new boyfriend didn’t go down too well.

So cut a long story short, we haven’t spoken and up until Sunday I hadn’t seen him since 2008. So it comes as no surprise the first time I got a glimpse of him at Fluffys a thousand butterflies fluttered and at first I wasn’t quite sure if I should stay out or just go home. Mainly for the fact he has never been much of a clubber and since he was out with his boyfriend and mates I really didn’t want them to feel awkward let a lone myself. The fact is I go out to have fun not to have drama and when his boyfriend (that is if they’re still together) kept staring at me to the point that even my friends noticed it was just getting pretty annoying.

A part of me was thinking should I just go up and say hi and ease the tension, break the ice? I thought of myself in his situation and lets me honest if I was him I would probably be wondering ‘oh shit what is going to happen’ The fact is I have moved on, and if those two haven’t and still hold onto bitterness it is really beyond my control, as in the past I tried to fix things to no prevail. So in the end I just went about with my own normality hanging with friends and trying to ignore the occasional stare.

Thinking back now a part of me wished that I did go up to Boom Boy and simply said ‘Hi.’ The fact is I wouldn’t expect anything more then that, a long time a go I gave up the hope of rebuilding a friendship with him, simply because friendships are a two way thing. The only thing I hope it would have achieved is to have broken the ice. No-one likes awkward stares and the fact is after nearly two years it is time to move on.

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Too bad gays can't.

Author: Chad St James

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