The day I got kicked out of parliament.

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks.

June 21st. The day I got kicked out of parliament. I suppose that’s another one to cross of the list. The LNP government discussed amending the civil union act to remove state sanctioned ceremonies and also to change the name and water it down to a relationship register.  In simple terms our relationships under the new Queensland government’s eyes are as equal as registering your dog. Even then a pet dog seems to have more rights. I was the first to lose my shit and about fifteen minutes later so did everyone else resulting in the public gallery being completely emptied.

I wonder when was the last time that happened at Queensland parliament?

Here’s some footage that my friend Jay filmed during the removal by security and police.

The LNP also announced their intentions to remove surrogacy rights from same-sex couples. Great to see Queensland going forward. *sarcasm*

There is no denying that the Queensland LGBTI community are going through some serious dark times at the moment, but I think the thing that has really inspired me is the unity that is being shown. People are tired of being pushed around by a bullying government and people quite simply won’t stand for it any longer.

Interesting times in Queensland, but no doubt history in the making. The question is, what will people be saying about these period in Queensland’s history twenty years down the track?

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Author: Chad St James

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