The choice of tights that lead to homophobia!

So anyways I won a competition with SnailTrail clothing for a pair of tights and since never owning a pair I thought a good idea would be to post a photo on facebook and let my friends help decide for me. Little did I know it would erupt into a debate of homophobia, fashion, animal cruelty, sexuality and quite simple the dark side of humanity. So of course I just had to post it here. 🙂

Now this is where it got interesting.

Just another day on facebook! 🙂 Who would have thought SnailTrail  clothing would be so thought provoking

Just a thought while I wait.
Contrary to popular belief, sex in 1912 was very inventive.

Author: Chad St James

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  1. haHA! you guys win! 😀

  2. Chad, reading the drivel typed by those bogans makes me want to go have a shower!! I keep forgetting that people like them exist! ~because I choose to surround myself with ‘people’ not judgmental halfwits!! So revoltingly uncouth!! They sound like they’re not ‘getting any’ ~as if anyone would poke a stick at them anyway, let alone ‘do’ them!! Anyway, as for the important stuff ~ I like the middle tights 🙂 Just keep on being you, Chad ~that’s why we love you !! <3 <3 <3

  3. Damn you Chad! Now I want to get a pair of tights! Hehe.

  4. ahhhhhhhh that was a great convo lol. i let loose on the bogans


  1. Yay my SnailTrail tights arrived today!!! | Chad St James - [...] a pair that I had won in a competition and after a post on facebook that erupted into one of the…

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