The birthday that was!

Well this past weekend was epic, considering it evolved into a five day and it was my 28th birthday would you expect anything less?

Thursday night celebrated Lil Chris Smith’s birthday at the Victory with the posse embracing $3 basic, hours went by through a blur of shots that ended up with as at the Beat embracing the true trashy style. Friday woke up with the hangover of hangovers, met up with Angel downed a couple of bottles of cheap passion pop ate pizza, hit the beat meeting up with numerous other friends the night blurred by in a intoxicating mess of double shot drinks, Smirnoff’s, bottles of champagne only to end the night extremely intoxicated to sleep through Pride Fair Day. Started drinking early, Went to the Ripe after party at Barsoma, Sunday drank some more toned my hair, got body painted by the Pillowbook Girls and hit Fluffy in true club kids style dressed like a Glam Rock Angel. Amongst the flashing of cameras (What can I say I really stood out), lasers, dancing, copious amounts of alcohol a great night was had until the early hours of the morning where the party continued at my bestee’s place with more alcohol then we could poke a stick at, that is if you could poke a stick at alcohol!

In short for my birthday I had the privelage of surrounding myself with some of the people that are truly dear to my heart and I’m forever grateful that these peeps are in my life and sharing the journey with me. Much love.

Check out some more pics below.


For a lot more photos be sure to click here!

Love, forms and Vincent Van Gogh!
Lady GaGa 'Alejandro'

Author: Chad St James

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  1. Pepperoni… where the F**K was my invite lol 😛

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