That awkward moment when you mistake someone for their twin brother.

So I had a rather awkward moment last night that I feel I just have to share with you guys. So I managed to finish work early which meant I got to indulge in $3 basics. I won’t deny I’m feeling rather hungover at the moment, but anyways back to the story…So I see a guy last night who I’ve known for quite sometime. Not in a sexual kind of way, he’s straight. However, we did make out one night as a bit of a dare and for a free shot of tequila. Anyways so I bump into this guy at the bar and we’re talking as if we know each other etc. Then he turns around and asks did he leave his black cardigan at mine the other night. Now this is where it gets kinda funny. I remember briefly seeing him out the other night, but that’s about it. Tuesday night was rather trashy. But I have absolutely no memory of him or anyone else for that matter coming back to my place. I start to think holy crap was I that trashed  that I picked up and didn’t remember. He says he was sure he came back to mine the other night and asks if I live in Woolloongabba. I actually live in the city and the two of us were getting just as confused as each other. Then he drops the bombshell.

Turns out he is the twin bother of the person who I actually know and he had gone back to a guy’s place the other night and actually thought I was that very guy trying to hold a conversation with him at the bar. Talk about awkward. It was even funnier when I discovered he’s studying at the same college as I am and I’ve said hi to him before as we passed in the corridors thinking he was his brother. Talk about a massive confusing case of mistaken identity.

So that’s my awkward moment. I guess it would be funnier if you were there.

I remember his brother being a good kisser, I wonder what he would be like lol.


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Author: Chad St James

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