Talking Orangutans? Am I losing my sanity?

what am I doing up at 4 am in the morning?

I had a really weird dream lol so here it is.

I’m sitting in a waiting room after sitting for some exam and there is an Organgutan sitting next to me sucking on a bottle, he turns and asks how I’m doing and as if this is a normal occurence to have a conversation with a talking orangutans, I quite simply reply ‘Good just a lil stressed with exams’

He smiles understanding ‘I know the feeling.’ Finishing his bottle he clumsily throws it to the floor with disgust rubbing his tummy, ‘Yes milk was a bad idea!’

I proceed to ask him what he is doing at college and he explains he is working on one of the films one of the lecturers are organising.

‘What a life you have.’ I say somewhat intrigued.

He shakes his head, ‘Nah not really, I spend all my day sitting in my enclosure entertaining onlookers at my own expense, when every now and then some smart arse has an idea to have a film with a talking orangutan and call me in. Wow I get let out for a day to wait around, poked and prodded, given bananas and milk, and then told what to do. Oh it is a great life!’ He replies with a strong sense of sarcasm and proceeds to blow raspberries.

‘That’s fucked!’ I say.

‘You know what is worse then that?’ He doesn’t even give me a chance to answer, ‘Can you believe these pricks don’t even give me toilet paper, they think since I’m off a different species I wouldn’t enjoy the simple comfort of wiping my arse with two-ply toilet paper.’ He let’s out a sigh, ‘God I’m such an emo sometime!’

I just nod speechless, I mean what else can you say when you have an orangutan complaining he can’t wipe his arse with toilet paper?

‘Seriously I really should get into politics.’ He says, ‘Shit I could do a better job then half these bloody chimps in government that just spent tax payers money on dribbling shit all day’

‘Point taken.’ I laugh, suddenly my editing lecturer Danny comes over and pulls me aside asking what I’m doing talking to the orangutan, I explain the conversation and he stare over my shoulder.

‘Sounds like he needs to be sedated’ He strokes the bottom of his chin, ‘Yeah he is getting a little bit too active aggressive for his own good.’

I’m completely shocked and outraged with this, ‘You can’t be bloody serious? He is just an orangutan that wants simple human rights!’

Then I wake up and find myself laying on my lounge where I must have passed out earlier during the night. Now does this dream have any hidden meanings? God only knows, but I think it could all be a result of lack of sleep, stress from filming my short film and also an exam on friday that I’m really not ready for.

Or I could just simply be losing my sanity?


Anzacs, broken noses, Luciana and just a plain trashy time!!!
It is 6 am

Author: Chad St James

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  1. That was some incredible dream. Maybe that could be your next short film? It was entertaining and funny but at the same time had meaning to it. I don’t think you’re going crazy at all, often when we’re too tired to exert our creativity it manifests in our sleep through our dreams. You should always keep a journal by the bed and write in it every morning.

  2. I often do babe. seriously some of the stuff i dream about actually surprises myself lol


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