Tales of an ill-spent youth: I used to leave my window open for Peter Pan.


As a child… Well even now one of my favourite books is that of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. I was always fascinated with Neverland, a world created by youth imagination, where you would never have to grow up. Not to mention Barrie’s words are just a captivating read.

I remember with the chaos that surrounded my childhood, I thought how cool it would be to run away and have such amazing adventures fighting pirates, and flying through the clouds without a care in the world, just like Peter Pan.

I used to leave my bedroom window open, in hope that the boy who never grew up would fly in and take me away on an epic adventure.

I’m now 29 years old and Peter Pan might still be a no-show, but the child within still refuses to grow up!

“I’m Peter Pan and I’m never growing up, I’m gonna dance with the fairies and fuck all the lost boys.” Chad St. James

There are so many words that have gone unspoken
Life is like a gecko on the windscreen of a car....

Author: Chad St James

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