Superheroes, naughty anti gay activists, tasered 17 year olds and naughty antics at the cinemas!

Last night I went to the movies with my bestees and saw ‘Kick-Ass’ you can read my review here. Bloody amazing movie! It has been so long since I’ve enjoyed a movie so much bloody entertaining and needless to say afterwards I wanted to find a costume and go fight crime. The only problem knowing me I’d be like the main protagonist and seriously end up with my ass kicked lol. Anyways if you haven’t seen it, get your ass to a cinema. It is a must see!

Now here is some funny shizz yesterday while looking up some content for my blog I discovered how anti gay activist George Alan Rekers hired a gay rentboy for travel buddy  Seriously what is wrong with this picture? Can we say hypocritcal much? I find it so ironic the very people that are raging a war against the LGBT community have their own dark secrets and by the sounds of it, they insist on punishing us for their own denial and lack of acceptance for themselves. Seems a lil messed up if you ask me!

Even more messed up is a 17 year old being tasered for running on field. Seems a lil drastic, but then again I guess police are a lil too trigger happy these days, just the other week I watched a guy tasered out the front of my place. So what are your views? Do you think police are taking things a little too far with tasers?

So tonight I have another installment of Debauchery. One of the events I created and host in Brisbane. Tonight we’re showcasing some of Brisbane’s best burlesque performances, so without a doubt it shall a night of fun filled trashiness also taking into account it is one of my friend’s birthdays so I bet it is going to be a late one. Fun times never the less.

Here are some more pics of my antics last night!

Yes I’m a naughty boy I know!!!

Hungover with some random reflections.
Long weekends, closet footballers, trashy times, sexy models and random endings!

Author: Chad St James

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  1. you are a dead set dickhead

  2. lol what can i say? I try lol

  3. meh just a bit of random fun.


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