The ‘Stranger Things 2’ trailer is here!

There’s no denying that Stranger Things was one of the more surprising originals that Netflix has offered up that has become an instant hit.

For those that binged the series in less than two days, the wait for season 2 to arrive has been a long time coming. With the upcoming season being surrounded in its fair share of mystery, the just-released trailer gives viewers what to expect from the new season, and things don’t look all that great for our favourite monster-fighting kids.

This season of the 80’s nostalgia series looks to be a lot spookier than the first, with bigger horrors and a new hairstyle for Eleven.

Set one year after the first season in the fall of 1984, dark supernatural forces have once more descended upon the town of Hawkins and it’s up to the kids to save the day once more.

Will is getting all kinds of disturbing visions as a result of his time in Upside Down, and as a result seems to be deteriorating which of course has made his mother Joyce, frantic more than ever.

Expect more mysteries, bigger monsters, more 80’s nostalgia than you can poke a stick at, and a truly captivating storyline that will prevent you leaving the house until you’ve finished binge-watching the entire season.

Watch the epic trailer below.

Are you excited?

Stranger Things 2 will be available for streaming on October 27!

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Author: Chad St James

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