Stephen King’s ‘It’ releases a second trailer giving us a another brief look at the new Pennywise!

Like the eerie first trailer we got back in March, the newest trailer for Stephen King’s IT is just as creepy and unsettling. The young cast that includes Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things, come across a sewer tunnel. Of course kids will be kids and they explore the tunnel only to come across a shoe of missing girl that leads them to wonder if she’s still alive. Suddenly a floating red balloon emerges and that’s where things get scared with a final sequence of clips that climax with a full look at Pennywise the Clown’s face.

The clip definitely captures what to expect from the kids in this new adaptation of Stephen King’s classic. They’re no bullshit kind of kids that are more than willing to bear arms against an unknown evil force terrorising their town and are quite comfortable using language that their parents would be outraged at.

Check out the trailer below.

The more the marketing picks up for the film, the more excited I get. The fact that the film already has Stephen King’s approval, it’s safe to say Bill Skarsgard is going to bring something quite horrifying with his take on Pennywise. It is expected to be the first of two films,  with the second film chronicling the adult narrative of the original novel.

Seriously September can’t come fast enough!



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Author: Chad St James

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