Speed bump.

I find it so hard sometimes not to let the littlest things disappoint me. Yes they are just little speed bumps along the ride that is life, but even then, they do jolt you a little bit and leave you wondering.

It is hard sometimes when you look forward to something, and something happens and it doesn’t quite go according to plan, and then you find yourself with a mixture of thoughts racing through your mind. Sometimes you find yourself questioning things that maybe don’t even need to be questioned and then at other times you find yourself not questioning things that should be questioned.

People say you get wiser with age. I agree but at the same time as you age, you are constantly faced with a new challenges and obstacles. I guess you just have to work out how to overcome them.

Oh the joys that is life.

Conversing online.
Life is clay!

Author: Chad St James

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  1. Worries are generally nothing more than a state of mind

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