Some people come into our lives…

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.”

I’ve met a lot of people in my life, and when I say a lot,  I mean A LOT! I guess I’ve always been that kinda person who just seems to cross paths with many. Reflecting on my life there is no denying many have made an imprint in my life in their own particular way. I just have to look at my time at bible school to just going out clubbing. I believe our paths cross for a variety of reasons whether it is to share life experiences and impart wisdom or to simply share a smile. I guess this is how I see most people, everyone i cross paths is for a reason. It is also funny because some of these people pop up in the most unusual of places.

Take monday morning for instance. After a night of trashy clubbing at Fluffy’s Christmas Bash, I’m waiting out the front of Family for a friend, when I start chatting to an American who offeres my a chip, god knows how I managed to swallow the thing, but as the story goes on we started chatting. I’ve always been a pretty approachable person and easy to talk to, and before I knew it I had met his friends, and we were off on an epic taxi ride entertained my a very flamboyant gay boy shit stirring the taxi driver. But that is another story. The morning went on alcohol was consumed, and I spent most of the day talking to the American about all sorts of things from, sexuality, to love, to the meaning of life and everything in between.

While chatting to him, I realised he would be the kind of person I could grow quite the friendship with, the problem? After 5 months studying in Australia He was flying out of the country the following morning at 5 am.Knowing this I couldn’t help but a feel little like an opportunity had been missed, but the same time it just clarified something I have often felt. Live for the moment, take each day as it comes, because the fact is you never know who you will meet, life is full of brief encounters so embrace them for what they are. Looking back at Monday I can honestly say the conversation we had was one of the most beneficial ones I have had in a long time, and I hope in some form it was for him, He’s now flown home and I honestly hope that in some form inspired him in some way as he has me.

So where am I going with all this? We meet people on a daily basis, so be open to sharing what life has to offer, because you are never truly aware of the inprint you might make on one’s life.

So now I would like to take this moment, to thank all the people that I have crossed paths with in my life, thank you!

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Author: Chad St James

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  1. I love this. I want you to know that I really loved our conversation, and I’m really sad that we had such a brief time to get to know each other. love you man

  2. Thanks man.. yeah I’m kinda sad that it was only a brief time, but I reckon our paths might just cross again some day 🙂 it was a true pleasure. hope you’re having fun back home and get ur ass back here soon lol love ya Chad

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