Sense8 brought back from the dead thanks to the fans!

Now, this is great news. Earlier this month fans of the Netflix original show Sense8 were pretty damn devastated when the streaming service announced its cancellation of the series. Especially considering season 2 ended on more than one epic bloody cliffhanger.

Somewhat reminiscent of Firefly’s cancellation, the fans kicked up one hell of an uproar, from petitions to canceling their Netflix subscriptions, to messaging whoever would listen. Well, it seems like it has paid off!

The show’s creator Lana Wachowski posted this via the official Sense8 Facebook page today

Netflix later followed with this…

Sense8 may not be returning for a full season. But we’re at least getting a two-hour finale to wrap things up. So let your cluster know and start counting down the days!

For all those that got behind the petitions and campaigning Netflix. Excellent job everybody!!!

So damn happy right now!

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Author: Chad St James

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