Second year of college complete, will wonders never cease?

End-of-Semester-Chad-St.-JamesThis evening I finished my final assessment for my second year of college. I won’t deny that it is if  a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders. How do I say it nicely? This second semester of this year was a BITCH!!! We had a group project that went terribly wrong… long story. It’s like this, don’t have a director direct a script that was written by the director of photography. The fact of the matter is unless you have the exact same vision, it is set for failure from the start. Then there was organising the 2011 Showcase which without a doubt pushed my classmates and myself to the edge of sanity. The best thing about it? I guess that was on the night, we managed to pull it off with flying colours. I actually enjoyed running around the stage during the live performances capturing some amazing shots. However there was one moment during the last performance when I tripped over a light, slammed my head into a pole and nearly took out the back chorus line. Thank God it went unnoticed but I did end up with a nice pretty lump on the side of my head for the next day.

This semester really taught me a lot of what not to do in the industry. Now if you ask me, this is a very valid lesson best learnt before you’re thrust in the real world. So this evening finishing my final assessment for the year signifies the fact that I’ve made it through two years of college. God I never expected to even study yet make it through a second year of a tertiary education. Over the next few months I have a few film projects that I plan to get of the ground, but for now I’m going to take a bit of time to just relax, recoup and slowly exhale. It’s time for my creative juices to run free without the constraints of college for a few months.

One more year to go and then I have a degree. Sometimes I even surprise myself lol.

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Author: Chad St James

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