Say no to Justin Bieber!

Okay has the world gone crazy. I mean I understood the fuss over Taylor Lautner at least he had a body and can act, but Justin Bieber? WTF???

So on my main blog I’ve actually made a purpose to avoid blogging about Justin Bieber in great deal for the whole fact I really don’t get what the fascination is. Also why is it okay for 40 year old woman to scream and have dirty thoughts about him but if a guy was to do that it would just be wrong? Another thing that disgusts me is Perez Hilton going all gooey over him… seriously I ask WTF again?

This lil fresh out of nappies teen seems to be sending everyone crazy. I don’t understand how someone so young can sing songs about love when he probably hasn’t even reached puberty yet and as a matter of fact he probably only just discovered he could shoot white stuff out with the stroke of his hand. Okay maybe a bit too much detail but you get what I mean.

Some idiot actually spent $683  just to buy a bottle of water that he drank one mouthful out off and now fans aresending Kim Kardashian threats  because she has befriended him? Seriously how old is she?

I thought whole Zac Efron fascination was crazy but this is beyond a joke. My God people get a life, his hair isn’t even that good! The way the music industry is marketing this teen is like a paedophile case in the making. Enough already!

Say no to Justin Bieber!

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Author: Chad St James

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  5. Yes quite right, the whole thing with this kid if foul. I hate to hang shit on a kid but seriously, I can’t stand his face!

  6. I know right he prob doesn’t even have pubic hair yet

  7. I love Justin. He’s so cute and makes really great music. Can’t wait to go to his concert soon

  8. Wow, that Bieber |really is cool. My daughter watched him the other day. Bieber’s music was great. He played his great songs.


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