Same-sex parenting and Lion King.

This popped up on Facebook and I just couldn’t resist posting it. I mean think about it, two males raised Simba and he turned out pretty damn fine. Okay, so he may have accidentally  killed his uncle in the process, but he really had it coming.

Just say’n

Sometimes I wish I was a robot!
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Author: Chad St James

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  1. bad example, if you want a child to be raised in a hedonistic lifestyle of no responsibility and running from your problems, then Timon and Pumba are perfect. Simba got his values from his biological father when he was a cub.

    I know it is just a cartoon but I think people are just grasping at straws there.

  2. While I posted this as a little lighthearted fun and to provoke a little discussion. You did kinda hit the nail on the head even if you did look a little deeper into it then I did. 🙂

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