Russian pet foxes for sale. Would you buy one?

Having a sneaky little fox as pet might come across as seemingly dumb idea and partially a cruel one, hey look at the animals Michael Jackson owned. Hello he was wanting to get his Chimp operated on so he could talk to it.

Seriously though look at these… They are soooooo cute. Thanks to a company called Sibfox, you can now buy your very own pet fox. According to the website for the tame fox distributors at Sibfox, the little things are ”as devoted as dogs but as independent as cats, capable of forming deep-rooted bonds with human beings.”

If I remember correctly though cats can be more moody then judge Judy on a period so I’m not too sure if that is a bonus. So anyways I’ve decided since my birthday is a little way off (June 2011) I’m thinking you should all rake together and buy me a pet fox 🙂 You can buy it right here, I’m sure my housemates wouldn’t mind a cute baby fox running about the apartment.

Okay all serious though what do you guys actually think, should people be allowed to buy pet foxes?

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Author: Chad St James

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  1. i think that is a good idea. i am getting a tame fox soon.

  2. I waaaaaaaant one!
    Besides, at the rate we are killing off species, the only way some will survive is as pets.

  3. OMG i really want one XD i will save my money XD

  4. they are sssssoooooooooooooooo cute i whant one the left foxes are my new fav pet ;o)

  5. I will by a fox can you please email me i have a caring family we live out in the country and we want to buy one i have all the papers and everything PLEASE email me at

  6. how much??

  7. I want a pet fox!

  8. Just warning you need to check exotic pet laws. Foxes can't be kept as pets in some states.

  9. Although I too want to own a pet fox, I can't. The state I live in, sadly they're not allowed. 🙁

  10. I’m looking for a fox 😀

  11. how much are they? because i am looking for some to have……….three to my friends and one for me, please email me the prices of the foxes…… AND……………the only was for the foxes to survive is for them to be as pets, they could be hard to keep care of, BUT, i could save them by having all of them and for my friends to take care of them………. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! ^w^

  12. i've got 2 fox at home. so playful…

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