Russia bans photos of Vladimir Putin in drag!

Well I suppose when you’re a dictator, you can dictate all forms of freedom of speech.  Now it seems circulating photos of Russia’s Vladmimir Putin in drag can land someone prison time. Thanks to the Russian Government recently updated its Federal List of Extremist Material on the 30th of March.

The Russian Federal List of Extremist Material includes German Nazi propaganda film The Eternal Jew, Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, brochures by and about the Jehovah Witnesses (at least the trees are saved), research into the Besclan school siege which killed at least 385 people, and now images of Vladimir Putin in drag.

‘A poster depicting a man resembling the president of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin, with makeup on his face,’ the list describes it.

‘Painted eyelashes and lips, which, according to the author / authors of the poster, should serve as a hint of allegedly non-standard sexual orientation of the Russian president.’

The description is pretty very vague but according to the official entry it was previously used on Russian social network VKontakte.

The post, which also featured a non-specified critical quote about Putin voters, was originally posted by Alexander Tsvetkov. Individuals who violates this order and is found creating, owning or spreading these ‘extremist’ images can be fined or sentenced to prison time.

For a regular citizen, fines are between 1,000 and 3,000 Rubels, while prison sentences can be up to 15 days. Authorities also has the right to seize any material or equipment used to create the images.

Audrey Putin 🚬

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Obviously Putin lacks a sense of humour!

Personally, I think PutIn Drag is fabulous and will make some baby drag an epic name if they ever choose to use it.

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Author: Chad St James

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