RuPaul’s Christmas Ball is the most politically incorrect Christmas special you will ever see!

Now here’s a 90’s gem to celebrate the festive season and it might be the most campest thing you will watch this holiday season. Long before Rupaul’s Drag Race became an international success, Elton JohnBoy GeorgeLatoya Jackson, Eartha Kitt, Fred Schneider, NirvanaLittle RichardBelinda Carlisle and Taylor Dayne appeared in RuPaul‘s Christmas Ball. It truly is the Christmas specials to top all Christmas specials!

Check it out below

I love the fact that her famous tagline dates back decades, not to mention what they could actually get away with on TV back in 1993. Everything seems way too political correct these days.

This might very well be the most campest thing I’ve watched all year!

Farewell Carrie Fisher. 2016 just had to go be a big douche, didn't it?
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Author: Chad St James

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