Regrets & Lessons.

Life can be a big learning curve at times. For me personally, I don’t believe in making mistakes, I believe in having lessons. They’re only mistakes if you don’t learn from them. Well I learn from every lesson I seem to come across. I guess that is the joys of being an overly analytical person. So some might wonder do I regret certain lessons I’ve had to learn? Well no because they make me who I am today, how could I regret being myself? Honestly what is a life of self hatred going to achieve?

One of the lessons I’ve been learning lately is to do with love. Love simply makes people do crazy things, good and bad. Love for his people drove Hitler to commit genocide, while love for Romeo drove Juliet to kill herself.  See love drives people to passion and if that passion isn’t dealt with properly well… it can go either extremely complicated or not. ultimately it is our own choices that decide this.

Sometimes we need to second think the choices we are about to make, should I be playing this game with this person’s head? or Do I honestly believe taking this act of anger out is really going to hurt them or simply hurt me instead? These are just two questions I and a certain somebody should have really asked ourselves, I’m sure if we had really thought about it, the recent outcome would have been completely different.

But then what is the point of dwelling on what if?

If we do that, we force ourselves to live in the past, using  habits that fuck up the now and the future!

Whether you’re 19, 28 or even 99, there are always lessons to be learnt. 

The fact is we are all on different journeys, No one is better then the next person, we are all simply at different points in life.

Advice please
Apologies for a lost love.

Author: Chad St James

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