Rare footage of ten-year-old Beyonce is being auctioned for $3.8 million!

If you had 3.8 million dollars what would you do?

Perhaps build a few wells and provide food for a couple of villages in a third world country or buy footage of Beyonce kicking it about as a ten year-old? I suppose it really comes down to priorities right? UK auction company Ted Owen & Co. are auctioning 12 professionally produced filmed tapes of Beyonce from when she fronted hip hop girl group Girls Tyme back in the 90s. With the bidding price starting at 3.8 million, one can only begin to wonder how much these tapes are gonna make.

The collection, dating from 1992, consists of approximately two and half hours of footage depicting Beyoncé playing to camera in several locations, working out dance routines, rehearsing for a live performance in addition to performing at an artists showcase in San Francisco. There is additional unedited footage of Beyoncé at the Record Plant recording studios in Sausalito California, working on dance routines for what was intended to be her first professionally recorded music video.

This recently unearthed and never seen original footage offers the viewer a candid insight into a 10 year old Beyoncé developing her craft that would ultimately make her the world’s biggest pop stars.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire rare and original archival footage and witness the beginning of what we know to be Beyoncé’s incredible journey to superstardom.

With the current state of the world, 3.8 million could do a lot of good, but then again this would make an epic investment.

[Source: Ted Owen & Co.]

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Author: Chad St James

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