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 While it provides quick laugh at the current state of humanity, I think this pictures sums up a lot. I find it funny that when we’re marching for equality, the streets are lined with onlookers pulling out their phones and doing exactly this. Here in Queensland, we have the current government oppressing the rights  of a minority group, that I have found myself classified under for simply choosing to be myself. The LGBTI community. While I’m thankful to proudly say that I am part of such a beautiful and diverse community, I do find it upsetting how many people sit on the sidelines with their metaphorical cameras. I’m not just talking about people from the heterosexual community I’m also talking from people within my own community. I think that’s what saddens me the most.

Currently in Queensland the LGBTI community and their supporters have found themselves in a battle to maintain simple civil rights while an oppressive government attempts to take them away. While some might be offended to me referencing the Jewish holocaust, I do in the sense, of asking one question. How many sat on the sidelines watching until it reached the horrific extent that it did? First their rights was taken away by an oppressive governmental regime, then they were sent off to concentration camps. Now it’s important to remember, it wasn’t just Jewish people, it was gypsies, people of different faiths, artists of opposing tastes and mediums, members of the LGBTI community, and anyone that did not fit into what was considered the norm of that oppressive regime.

Does it have to get to that point before people stop and realise something is terribly wrong with what’s going on?

While some may call me a gay rights activist, for me personally my activism comes from something so much deeper then my own sexuality. It comes from the humanitarian within that believes all people should be treated equal under governmental law no matter what race, gender, sexuality and faith one might have.

I want to encourage everyone of you, stop standing on the sidelines with your metaphorical cameras. Unite with your fellow brothers and sisters for full equality.

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Author: Chad St James

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  1. Just some thoughts on a Thursday afternoon.

  2. Just some thoughts on a Thursday afternoon.

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