People confuse me sometimes…

people confuse me chad st jamesSome people say they don’t care what people think about them but the minute they’re on the dance floor they stiffen up and you can see clear as day that they’re paranoid what people might be thinking of them…not to mention they look like they’re having convulsions while they dance. Some people break up with others because they don’t get along with their friends when they technically should take it up with the person in question. Some people tell others that they love them and when that person chooses not to be in a relationship they will have nothing to do with them. Some want to play happy housewife, but the minute they’re in a relationship the first thing they try and do is get out of it. Some people say they admire you, but when your back is turned they’re throwing daggers in your back any chance they can get. Some people will stand up for others but never stand up for themselves. Some actually think orange fake tans are sexy. They’re not! Some say they’re not superficial yet when ever they get a chance they judge others on what they’re wearing and more so the looks that they were born with. Some people claim to be friends, but don’t realise they are a two way street. Some parents say they love their children, but will take any opportunity to tear them down rather then build them up. Some say they don’t ever want to be like their parents but their actions and behaviour say otherwise. Religious people worship a God of love, and yet they preach hate. Some claim they want equality but demand to be treated differently, while others believe in equality yet treat people differently. Some people whine endlessly about their weight, eat takeaway and sit in front of a TV all day. Some people want change but will not take any action. Julia Gillard is a self proclaim atheist who is against same-sex marriage because it is against her traditional beliefs. Yes people confuse me sometimes.

I see photos as a moment frozen forever in time, where on the odd occasion it can be revisited, however brief it may be.
My feet are sore!

Author: Chad St James

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