Once seen as best friends, now just strangers with memories…


I believe paths cross for a reason. Some people might be around longer then others, and in some cases shorter than others. I believe to sustain relationships whether it be a loving, sexual, or friendship,  the key is growth. It’s when these relationships are no longer growing, that you begin to see your paths going in separate directions. The relationship begins to whither and die.

Recently a friendship of mine ended all rather abruptly. With that comes a variety of emotions and I guess that is why I’m writing this post. Just letting of a bit steam in my own way.

So where do I start? I guess like most friendships,  it just kind of sprung up out of nowhere and a new shared journey began and the rest I guess is now history.  Now this is what I find so intriguing about people that we cross paths with. There are some you feel so strongly about, that you believe you will know them for the rest of your life. You might even think they’d be one of your groomsmen on your wedding day.  Funny,  because this particular person I thought would be doing that very thing in a few weeks. However,  that can suddenly change and you find yourself questioning the entire friendship to begin with. Then before you know it,  once seen as best friends,  now just strangers with memories.

I look at my close friendships and a part of why they have sustained for so long is we’ve accepted the fact that we need to be brutally honest with each other which sometimes mean sharing a few home truths that the other might not always be ready or willing to hear. How they deal with it determines whether the friendship will continue to grow or die.

Recent events and certain behaviour on both sides had brought doubt into this particular friendship. I often post vague status updates on Facebook. With over 4000 people on my friends list, I’ll admit I like to provoke thought and conversation. However,  some of these updates in their vagueness are often relevant to certain people in my life. It was one of these recent vague updates that this particular person took offence to. I believe actions speak louder than words, and this person’s actions was not matching their words. Thus leading to the vague update which ultimately resulted with this person blocking me on Facebook without saying a word.

Now I could go into detail about it all,  but I know this person will at some point come across this,  whether by the sharing of a mutual friend, Facebook stalking from another unblocked account,  or they simply came to my blog knowing me well enough to know this blog is often one of my little outlets to let off steam.

Now I could explain my reasons for my actions, but I personally believe this person should have the guts to confront me about It, rather then run away because someone might have actually spoken a bit of truth that they perhaps were not willing to accept. It’s so easy to run away from problems than actually dealing with them. Trust me,  I know from a great deal of personal experience.

However I did take the opportunity to send a text asking for the return of my things they had borrowed. I expected no reply,  and received exactly that.  For me personally, I find when certain friendships go separate ways sometimes it’s better not to have the added drama of material possessions. You either get your stuff back or cut your losses. A mutual friend did feel compelled to ask, and my stuff was swiftly returned. I suppose looking like a dick to others wouldn’t have been a smart choice. I also take a block on Facebook as I do someone hanging up the phone on me. I won’t call back,  to put it simply the ball is in their court.

I wrote what I personally felt needed to be written as a result of this person’s particular actions. As I said earlier, actions speak louder than words,  and in this case the actions were definitely a lot louder. Perhaps I was wrong to go about it the way I did,  but then again perhaps not.

Once seen as best friends,  now just strangers with memories. Either way I look at it, I think it’s important to remember we all cross paths for a reason.

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Author: Chad St James

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