My heart beats. My soul continues to grow and change form like the vicious of flames…


The rain gently falls, I hear the soft splashes as it hits the ground below. Traffic can be heard racing down wet roads in the distance. The world of nature and man-made urbania become one.

With a flick of my lighter and a long drag, the tobacco burns and I exhale slowly with long wisps of smoke rising above my head. Peacefulness and relaxation dance together.

Different thoughts plague my mind. I think of friendships, the many changes and challenges each one face. I think of ginger chin, words unspoken, questions unanswered. Friendship or is there more? The future as usual remains unknown, but one thing I know, I still look forward to seeing that smile and glowing eyes.

My thoughts move on to another, a friend, a brother. Amongst music, highs and brain fries, what happened? Is it paranoia or more to the story then what has been said. One can only wait with anticipation as the storm settles and the clouds disappear.

Christmas is nearing, a time of family for some when for others it is time loneliness. Gratitude floods over me at the thought of the family that has been created around me. Rather then based off blood it is based of souls connecting and experiences shared.

Sometimes I stand in a club surrounded by many, while my heart feels inhabited, there are still vacant spaces left. Who they belong to is anyone’s guess. Someone special, another for a connection shared, while one will be reused yet again.

One might paint the walls and refurbish it, but the memories will last for a lifetime. No matter how many times that door slams shut, it always finds itself reopening.

Dreams change while some cement itself, hope stands strong while some hopes simply fade.

My heart beats. My soul continues to grow and change form like the vicious of flames.

I enjoy the way that you burn.

Change is on the horizon and I scream for it!
Civil Unions passed in Queensland, the ALP changes their platform in support of same-sex marriage, exciting times of change!

Author: Chad St James

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