Missing Columbia

It is strange how absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Its wierd I recently grew friendship with someone, who has now gone away for a couple of months and on a regular basis, I find myself pondering how he is, what is up to etc.

I think this is the thing that I find so strange about certain people. Before you you meet them, you go about yor daily life, doing the typical normal shiz that you do, but then what happens is you meet someone. You spend time with the person, you appreciated them, you grow a closeness. Then in some situations certain events take place and they head off for period and now your left with a sudden void in your life. When you think about it, the void wasn’t there before, but now that you’ve met this person and they’ve made an impact in their own particular way, you find yourself missing their company, it feels like your life is now missing something.

Being one of those overly anaylitical its hard not think is there more meaning to the feelings that i have for this person? Or is it simply the fact that I just really miss my friend. I guess sometimes you just never know, and really whats the point stressing? The fact is when I think about my friendships, relationships and everything in between I can simply sum it up with the closing lines of one of my novels

In the end it doesn’t matter where you end up, because life is a destination unknown, but with the right people a journey worth sharing.


A call out to Buffy and Joss Whedon fans!!!
Carousel on the 3rd of December is worth getting excited about!!!

Author: Chad St James

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