Hog Wild’s Micro Blaster Q-Tip X-Bow

Hog Wild's Micro Blaster Q-Tip X-Bow

Let’s be honest, anyone that has worked in an office knows that it can be its own battlefield at times. Now this is something I’m sure a lot of you will find handy. Hog Wild’s Micro Blaster Q-Tip X-Bow. A little pocket sized cross bow that fires Q-Tips.  Think of the benefits. That staff member that won’t shut the hell up, that annoying customer that asks for a soy half-strenth decaf latte, that boss that you’ve just had enough of. The hours of entertainment to be had with the Micro Blaster Q-Tip X-Bow are endless. Oh, and the fact that ears are the perfect dart board just adds to the fun of it, not to mention the benefit of improving their personal hygiene from a safe distance without having to get your hands dirty.

mind blown Hog Wild's Micro Blaster Q-Tip X-Bow

The Micro Blaster Q-Tip X-Bow loads with its included single-ended cotton swabs, will reportedly fires up to 20ft. Crossbow dimensions are 4″ long x 3-1/2″ wide x 2-1/2″ tall. The package included 25 cotton swabs and a carabiner to latch the weapon of war onto for safe keeping before your next target.

Hog Wild's Micro Blaster Q-Tip X-Bow 2

Check out the video below of the Hog Wild’s Micro Blaster Q-Tip X-Bow in action…

I so want one!


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Author: Chad St James

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