Meat vs Respect.

 I’ve always found interacting with people online interesting. I guess it is the whole fact you can be anyone you want to be, which is the big draw card for most people. For me I find it easier to be myself having a computer between myself and that person. Is that kinda fucked up? Meh who knows, I enjoy it and well that’s all that matters.

There is no denying that I like chatting and getting to know people online. I feel I’m usually a good judgement of character and usually I find out pretty quick if it is a person I could actually interact with outside of the wonderful world that is the Internet. Well recently I’ve been chatting to one person in particular and getting to know him quite well, as well as one can know through the Internet that is.

It’s actually been really intriguing as we’ve got a lot in common and he like me is the kind of person that has quite a few layers put up, mainly for self preservation. Anyways tonight we got into chatting and through our conversing I found myself somewhat saddened at the reality that most people that interact with him are usually after one thing and that being a 3 letter word “SEX”.

Don’t get me wrong we all love sex, with the right person it can be one of the most amazing experiences two people can share. The problem is I believe often people experience that feeling and they find themselves constantly seeking it out, often seeing everyone else as a tool for that quest. It’s sad really that especially in the gay scene the norm is to see people as stepping stones, tools for self gratification, and in many cases pieces of meat. He made this comment

“Well I guess its normal in the gay society”
Just because people have chosen to accept it as normal, doesn’t mean it has to be. A majority of the world accepts certain things just because it seems that is what the majority is doing. It wasn’t until people started going against the majority that non-Caucasians gained equal rights, woman were able to vote, and that here in Australia homosexuality became legal. The fact is the power to bring change is in each of us. We don’t have to follow the flock if it is going to lead us to lesser quality pastures. At the end of the day it is our own individual choices that can then create a new majority way of thinking.

So where am I going with all this? Well simple yeah I find him extremely attractive, but even more attractive then what his body can provide, is this amazing genuine personality that I would choose to get to know over a fuck any day. Who knows by treating him like a human being rather then a piece of meat, it might create a domino effect of behaviour or even better a higher sense of respect for not just himself but others also.

Catching up with old friends.
“Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young”

Author: Chad St James

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