Maybe we’re asking the wrong question?

Maybe we’re asking the wrong question?

There’s no denying that we have spent the most part of 2016 expressing our sorrow over the loss of what can only be considered some of the greatest actors, writers, musicians, etc.

Why have their deaths impacted us so much compared to previous years? Perhaps the the fact that there has been so many. But it goes deeper than that. Those we’ve been forced to farewell this year have shaped our consciousness, they’ve inspired us, they’ve evolved our culture.

Above all else they have faced their own demons and overcome them. From David Bowie to Carrie Fisher they have all taught us that shit happens but in these hard times hope, love and inspiration can be found if we’re only willing to look for it.

We related with so many of their journeys whether it was addiction or mental health issues to even discovering ones sexuality and identity. We saw something in each of these people that inspired us to greatness.

Death is a fact of life whether we like to admit it or not. But with death often comes new life. Yes, feel sorrow for the loss of these people but celebrate their achievements, successes and their contributions that have evolved the world we live in today! Because these people have opened the doors for a new wave of creative innovators and expressionists to stand up and do exactly this for a new generation.

Rather than ask “where are all the icons gone?” Maybe the question you should be asking is, “how do I become one myself?”

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Farewell Carrie Fisher. 2016 just had to go be a big douche, didn't it?

Author: Chad St James

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