Remains found in search for Matthew Leveson

I often think about Mark and Faye Leveson and their decade long search for the body of their missing son, Matthew. I cannot even begin to wonder what they have gone through, while their son’s supposed killer Michael Atkins walks free in Brisbane. Nearly a decade of false hopes and leads might finally be coming to an end for the grieving parents. After a decade-long search for their son Matthew Leveson, grieving parents Mark and Faye may finally find some closure.

 A discovery of bones allegedly discovered Wednesday afternoon in the bushland of the Royal National Park, have search teams believing they might indeed be the remains of miss Matthew Leveson. Forensic testing is currently underway to confirm that the remains definitely belong to Leveson, who vanished in September 2007.

Matthew was last seen leaving ARQ Nightclub, his current partner Michael Atkins. While Atkins was charged with Leveson’s murder. he was later acquitted in 2009, despite CCTV footage showing him purchase a mattock and a roll of gaffer tape at the same time he claimed to be asleep and only a matter of hours that both Leveson and Atkins was shown leaving ARQ Nightclub.
An inquest into Leveson’s disappearance also heart Atkin’s sent text to Leveson’s mobile phone after he vanished, but police later found the device in Atkin’s car. During the inquest of late last year, where Atkins was granted immunity, he led police to the Royal National Park site where he claimed Leveson was buried. However two searches later, one in November and another in January, neither failed to come through with any breakthroughs.
Mark and Faye Leveson have been fighting to bring their son to justice for nearly ten years and have been through probably the worst unimaginable pain any parent could endure, but they have dedicated hours looking for their son’s body themselves, digging up areas in and around the national park. Not once have the pair given up.
On Sunday Faye once more turned to Facebook to state that she had no intention on giving up on her son writing:
“The police are not giving up and either are we. I am heart broken and devastated, but my love for my beautiful Matty keeps me going and if need be I will search for Matty till the day I die. I promised Matty I will find him and I have every intention of keeping that promise. Love you Matty, now, always and forever, Mum.”
As sad as this is to say, hopefully this leads to closure for Matthew’s family. The law system may have failed them, but their never-failing love and perseverance to bring their “Matty” home has not!

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Author: Chad St James

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